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Synergy is a very powerful ability that people can use to support each other or kill that boss faster. However using synergies need to be coordinated with the party.

Source Ability Synergy
Sorcerer Summon Storm Atronach An ally may activate the charged lighting giving both the ally and the atronach Major Berserk, increasing their damage by 25% for 8 seconds.
Lightning splash While active, allies can activate Conduit to deal X shock damage to enemies near the ally.
Dragon Knight Dragon Standard An ally can activate shackle do deal x damage and immobilise enemies
Burning Talons Allies can activate impale to deal x magic damage
Nightblade Consuming Darkness Low health allies in the target area can activate Hidden Refresh, granting invisibility and healing them for x over 4 szeconds
Soul Shred An ally can target an affected enemy and activate Soul Leech to steal x health
Templar Spear Shards While active, an ally can pick up a spear shard, restoring 25% stamina plus an additional 900 stamina over 10 seconds
Nova An ally can activate Super Nova, dealing X damage magic damage to all enemies in the area and stunning them for 2.5 seconds
Cleansing Ritual Allies can also activate Purify, removing harmful effects from themselves and healing them for an additional X
Undaunted Blood altar Allies can also activate Blood Funnel synergy to heal themselves for 40% of their Max Health.
Trapping Webs Allies can activate the Spawn Broodlings synergy, dealing X Magic damage and summoning 2 spiders for 15 seconds.
Inner Fire Grants a 15% change that allies can activate the Radiate synergy, dealing X Magic damge to a target enemy over 2 seconds, and then causing the target to explode for X Magic damage to all nearby enemies.
Bone Shield Allies can activate the Bone Wall synergy, absorbing damage to allies equal to 60% of their Max Health. The wall last 10 seconds and affencts up to four nearby allies.
Necrotib Orb An ally can activate the Combustion synergy, causing the orb to explode for X Magic damage and restoring the ally for X Magicka over 10 seconds, plus additional Magicka based on numbers of enemies hit.

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