Quest Puzzles

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  • Quest: Quest for the Cure
  • Task: Mix the ingredients
  • Solution: Kyne's heart, sour milk tea, dragon scale mushrooms

  • Quest: Strange Guard Beast
  • Task: Make the concoction
  • Solution: Option 3: 6 gizzards, 18 troll fat lumps, 17 pinches of wisplight

  • Quest: The Seal of Three
  • Task: Repair, then destroy, the construct
  • Solution: 3 gears on the pegs, 5 spark plugs in the sockets. Kill the construct to finish.
  • Task: Kill Sathram
  • Solution: Activate the relics counter-clockwise to remove the forcefield: Almalexia, Sotha Sil, Vivec.

The Rift

  • Quest: Song Of Awakening
  • Task: Play the tune
  • Solution: Strung lute, low strung lute, high strung lute


  • Quest: Wisdom of the Ages
  • Task: Give the amulets to NPCs
  • Solution: Ashgar: Preservation, Teelawei: Courage, Desh-Wazei: Endurance
  • Task: Place the gems on the statues
  • Solution: Statue of Life: Endurance, Statue of Time: Preservation, Statue of the Unknown: Courage


  • Quest: Quarry Conundrum
  • Task: Line up the lenses with the light sources
  • Solution: Facing the big dwarven doohickey, hit the resonators with your weapon thus: left one five times, middle one three times, right one once, left one once.