M'aiq the Liar

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M'aig the Liar

  • M'aiq wonders why no guards stand watch on the mushrooms. They are taller than towers and far more comfortable.
  • M'aiq does not wish to join a guild. Also, M'aiq is mostly alone. Hmm. M'aiq must ponder this.
  • M'aiq wonders, who wants to live on a bleack rock? Why not a pleasant rock?
  • M'aiq thinks more people should get to the point. Not you, of course.
  • M'aiq learned the Brothers of Strife are either volcanoes or Elves. If one of each, their mother could have some explaining.
  • M'aiq can't tell the Spider Cultists apart from the usual riffraff. Perhaps they need matching uniforms.
  • Khajiit tell M'aiq he is unlike most Khajiit. M'aiq tells Khajiit he is most like M'aiq. Then, we eat moon-sugar.
  • No ships depart for the Summerset Isles. M'aiq wonders if the High Elves made them up.
  • M'aiq was soul-trapped, once. A mad Elf tried to bind him to a stone!
  • M'aiq wonders why some people in Tamriel seem more prominent than others.
  • Volenfell is where the famous Dwarven hammer fell, yes? M'aiq wonders if "Where the Hammer Fell" is a better name.
  • Step on sand and burn your feet. Bury feet in sand and grit gets under the claws. Poor choices for M'aiq.
  • The Mane is chosen by scent. Had M'aiq known, he would have bathed. (Reaper's)
  • M'aiq hears of shapeshifters hiding in abandoned tombs and secret forests. Ha! M'aiq prefers to lurk in plain sight. (Reaper's)
  • Maiq speaks with many in his travels. After a time, they seem to repeat themselves. Strange. (Reaper's)
  • It is so cold here, yeat M'aiq sees Nords in sandals. Madness! (Rift)
  • M'aiq could never fight for prizes. He has a weak chin. (Rift)
  • M'aiq used to travel alone, but he has grown accustomed to joining his friends. (Rift)
  • M'aiq speaks the truth, except for when he doesn't. With you, always the truth. (Bangkorai)
  • M'aiq once met Captain Blackheart and his raiders. M'aiq can think of a better word to describe them. (Bangkorai)
  • M'aiq thinks those with the most wine can never truly be pleased. This is why he drinks water. (Bangkorai)

  • Come back later. We can talk some more!