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Water and bait types
Water | Bait 1 | Bait 2
Ocean | Worms | Chub
River | Insect parts | Shad
Lake | Guts | Minnow
Foul | Crawlers | Fish Roe
If you catch used bait, you're using the wrong bait type for that water.

Where to get bait
Insect parts: all the butterflies and torchbugs
Guts: Alik'r desert (goat's head oasis wayshrine) - there's a mass infestation of goats all around this area and they almost all provide guts when you kill them. ** add screenshot **
Crawlers: tiny spiders in the scuttle pit (grahtwood)
Shad: caught in lakes
Minnow: caught in ocean
Fish roe: caught in rivers
Chub: caught in foul water

Recommended add-ons
Votan's Fisherman - marks your map when you catch a fish and color codes the icon by water type, providing you catch at least one fish there.
Votan's Fish Fillet - Doesn't always work 100%, but automates the filleting of fish - incredibly useful when you have stacks of 100. :)
Rare Fish Tracker - Lists all the rare fish for whichever region you're currently in and highlights the ones you've caught.

The Rift - despite having 4 rare fish for rivers, there are only 2 river spots on the whole map. As they're right next to each other, and a wayshrine, it's worth heading out there daily until you have all 4 fish.
Cyrodiil - only has 2 ocean spots, both NNE of the gate of Mnem.

To do
Add screenshots for locations
Add direct links to esoui pages