ESO Armour Sets

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Light Medium Heavy
Auridon File:Eso-set-queen-elegence.png File:Eso-set-twin-sisters.png File:Eso-set-armour-veiled-heritance.png
Grahtwood File:Eso-set-syrabane-grip.png Eso-set-ranger-gait.png Eso-set-green-pact.png
Greenshade File:Eso-set-shadow-dancer-rainment.png Eso-set-wilderqueen-arch.png Eso-set-beekeeper-gear.png
Malabal Tor Eso-set-spinner-garments.png Eso-set-salvation.png Eso-set-thunderbug-carapace.png
Reaper's March File:Eso-set-skooma-smuggler.png Eso-set-senche-bite.png File:Eso-set-soulshine.png


Light Medium Heavy
Stonefalls Silks of the Sun Coat of the Red Mountain Shalk Exoseleton
Shadowfen Robes of the Hist Swamp Raider Hatchling's Shell
Deshaan Mother's Sorrow Night Mother's Embrace Plague Doctor
Eastmarch Stendarr's Embrace Fiord's Legacy Akaviri Dragonguard
The Rift Ysgramor's Birthright Witchman Armour Draugr's Heritage


Light Medium Heavy
Glenumbra Bloodthorn's Touch Hide of the Werewolf Wyrd Tree's Blessing
Stormhaven Dreamer's Mantle Night Terror Storm Knight's Plate
Rivenspire Necropotence Darkstride Vampire Cloak
Bangkorai Vampire Lord Spriggan's Thorns Seventh Legion Brute
Alik'r Desert Robes of the Withered Hand Sword-Singer Order of Diagna


Light Medium Heavy
Craglorn Way of Martial Knowledge Way of Air Way of Fire
Gold Coast
Hew's Bane
Starter Areas Armour of the Trainee